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Our History      

Under the leadership of Pastor Jerry Ong, Redeemer Baptist Church (RBC) was constituted on 15 April 1990. RBC started with 25 chartered members. It continued to maintain close ties with its mother-church, Sembawang Baptist Church. When the Sembawang Baptist Church building was renovated, RBC had to move to a different location for worship, but then was welcomed back to the renewed Sembawang Baptist Church building.

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Over the past years, RBC has been actively involved in mission and supporting missionaries in Central Asia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil and OM Logos ministry.


Local mission includes prison ministry and aftercare prison/ drug rehabilitation ministry.

In 2017, Rev Jerry Ong moved on to serve overseas mission together with his wife, Pastor Rebecca after serving RBC for 26 years.


From 2017 to May 2022, the Lord has led Rev Yap Kiat Hock to serve as the senior pastor of RBC. In May 2022, he has decided to become an oversea missionary after 5 years of service.

In December 2022, Rev Timothy Phua has been appointed Senior Pastor of Redeemer Baptist Church. We are excited about how the church will continue to grow!

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Pastor Ong was ordained on Easter Sunday, April 3, 1994, when the church celebrated its 4th Anniversary. RBC joined the Convention on March 29, 1994, and Pastor Ong had served as an officer in the Convention.

In 1995 the two churches, Sembawang Baptist Church and RBC, together contributed enough to purchase property at 112 Casuarina Road, under as co-ownership agreement, for Redeemer Baptist Church to use as an office and meeting place. 

In April, 2004, the church moved its worship place from 140 Casuarina Road to a private school and had been worshiping there until 2007.

Then, it moved to Jalan Pemimpin for worship. After 2 years later, RBC moved to present location at New Industrial Road in 1 Nov 2009.

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RBC believes in Reaching out to Others and Building them up in Christlikeness.


We are a family-oriented, oikos-based church that supports one another to grow as true disciples of Jesus Christ, and to serve the community local and overseas and to exemplify the love and character of Christ.


We welcome you to visit us and join us at our Sunday Service and other fellowship.

our pastor:

Senior Pastor

our Deacons: 
Lim Hup Seng 
Tan Chuan Teck 
Yee Kan Leong 
Tan Swee Meng 
Esther Ching
Our council members 2018- 2019 
our pastorS:
WhatsApp Image 2022-12-31 at 08.08.15.jpeg
Rev Timothy Phua

Senior Pastor 

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-31 at 08.46.18.jpeg
Ps Liu Caixia

Chinese Congregation Pastor

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-31 at 08.17.30.jpeg
Ps Phetchara Wannakoon

Thai Congregation Pastor

our staff:
Tan Dora 

Church Administrator 

Yee Kan Leong


Tan Swee Meng


Esther Ching



Our council members 2022 - 2033 

  • Joel Li (Chairman)

  • Clement Tay (Vice Chairman)

  • Phan Qien (Treasurer)

  • Jolene Lee (Secretary)

  • Ian Yee (Asst Secretary)

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